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The Pitching Stick is the answer to repetition in pitching and keeping the arm safe. Become a master of rotating the baseball and see the results fast.


Bob Smith

Founder & CEO

Bob, a former 17 year college coach, professional scout and founder of the Richmond Baseball Softball Academy in Richmond VirginiaBob's most noted player is JustinVerlander in Detroit.

Robyn Thorpe


Head of Marketing

Robyn, a former regional retail supervisor for Cracker Barrel and most recently owner and CEO of her own retail card company reaching from South Carolinia to the Mississippi River.

Ron Thorpe

Head of R&D Manufacturing

Ron,  A former Salesman in the Pharma industry and Pro Golfer Ron has the attention to detail and strength of communication that makes him a perfect fit in our team.


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The Pitching Stick

Patent Pending

Tel: 804-874-2436


10637 Courtney Rd

Glen Allen VA 23060

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